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Patricia LaSalle

LT Training

Dublin, CA

[email protected]

$30 bi-weekly for weekly, individualized schedules + 30-min. phone consult. $50 for one-on-one coaching for all aspects of triathlon including form, pacing, etc.

All aspects of running, adult beginner or intermediate swimmer, road or mountain cyclists, all age-group triathletes in all distances

An age group triathlete since 1994 - went to World's in 2004 for short course duathlon - finished IM Canada in 2001 - climbed Mt. Kilimanjaro, Mt. Elbrus (Russia) and Mt. Rainier. Certifications: ACE, USAT Level II, USATF Level II My mission is to provide sound, safe and effective training for the age group athlete, based on his/her personal goals, limitations, work schedule, personal responsibilites.