Coach Details
Coach: Jason Gerhart
Company: Appetite for Healthy Living Coaching
Location: new york, NY
E-Mail: [email protected]
Services: Customized Monthly Training Plans for all distances, Menu Planning, One on One in person coaching
Specialities: Specializing in Triathlon Coaching for Beginners, Holistic Sports Nutrition, Yoga, Personal Training
Background: I've been a certified personal trainer and endurance sports coach for over 10 years, working with people of all ages and abilities in both group settings and individual programs from first time triathletes to those trying to qualify for Kona. I love inspiring and motivating others to do their best and excel in the sport of triathlon. I have over 25 years of experience competing in endurance sports, the last 10 years Ive concentrated on triathlon, competing all over the country, in every distance, on and off road. Through hard work and many hours of training Ive been fortunate to be an age group podium finisher in most of the races Ive competed.
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