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Patti Waller

Manteo, NC

[email protected]

Customized plans designed to help you achieve your goals.

A full menu of options available to meet your needs including basic plans to complete a race, or detailed plans with email, phone meetings and complete race planning.  Priced accordingly so everyone is a winner.

Strength training, nutritional counseling on and off the course, post-rehab, planning and implementation of training,

Fifteen years in the fitness industry as a clinical exercise specialist and coach.  Certified with USAT and the American Council of Exercise.  Competitive athlete in Ironman distnace racing for 5 years, plus 10 years overall experience with triathlon competition including USAT Nationals.  I have been fortunate to work with professionals in sports medicine, nutrition and coaching.  I strive to maintain standards with continuing education offered within my industry.  Every client is an individual, not a number.  You are my billboard.