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James Dicker

TrainingBible LLC

Racine, WI

[email protected]

Personalized premium coaching limited to 7 athletes. Basic coaching with limited coach client contact. Custom built training plans. Hourly consultation For details consult thie TrainingBible website:

Road cycling for triathletes, and pace based running for triathletes.

Jim has been involved in Triathlon since 1990. He has competed in sprint, olympic, half ironman and iroman events, including Ironman races in Madison and Louisville. In the last two years he had podium finishes at the Spirit of Racine Half Ironman, and the Desoto American Triple T. I strongly believe in using power in cycling and pace in running as the benchmarks for structuring training for highly motivated athletes. Current research indicates that a program that includes high effort workouts separated by appropriate rest leads to the greatest fitness gains.