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Stefanie Cain

Cain Coaching

Lexington, SC

[email protected]

I offer triathlon coaching primarily for the adult, age group athlete.  I coach swimming, cycling and running as well as sport specific strength and conditioning.  I also teach flexibility training to help improve performance.

Contact me for more information about training packages, triathlon clinics, and individual sessions. 

Stefanie Cain has a B.S. degree from Eastern University in Biokinetics and a Master's degree from University of South Carolina in Public Health.  She has worked in the fitness field for six years and has been doing triathlons for four years, which has been an amazing personal fitness journey that she looks forward to sharing with others and has been fortunate enough to launch a career coaching others to ensure they know how fun and rewarding triathlons and help individuals reach their full potential.

She is a USA Triathlon Certified Triathlon Coach and has an American College of Sports Medicine Health Fitness Specialist Certification. She has been a personal trainer, group exercise and spin instructor for the last five years and has been a triathlon coach for the last two years.  She has coached 40+ athletes of various levels and abilities and is hoping to grow her business in the next few years.  She has developed award winning triathlon training programs and received a South Carolina Leading Age Innovation Award in 2014 for her triathlon training programs designed specifically for adults over age 55.  She has also presented her programs at national conferences and received national recognition for her efforts to encourage the growth of the multi-sport lifestyle.  Stefanie specializes in helping individuals create sustainable forms of exercise and training to ensure continued success throughout stages of life and teaching others that age is never a reason to stop performing well, reaching goals, and remaining competitive in the triathlon lifestyle. 

She primarily works with adults, age group athletes who are looking to take their training to the next level for both short and long course events.  She has been fortunate enough to turn her passion for coaching and fitness into a career and a businessCain Coaching!  Cain Coaching offers athletes coaching in swimming, biking, and running, as well as sports specific strength, power, and agility training to ensure their success in all their fitness ventures.  Her passion is working with athletes to modify, improve and achieve their fitness goals to make triathlons possible, enjoyable, and exciting for everyone