Coach Details

Vicki Creigh

Waterloo, NE

[email protected]

The TriDot® triathlon training system is a one-of-a-kind, patents-pending coaching and training system that takes the guesswork out of triathlon training and racing.  The system, based on actual athlete training data and corresponding performance results, uses advanced algorithms to produce optimized training programs specifically designed for each athlete that deliver maximum results per training hour invested.  Dedicated coaches provide ongoing support and consults as athletes implement training programs and execute their race plans to predictably turn their goals into reality.

I believe that coaching is an honor. The client is sharing a part of themselves in allowing you to help them achieve their personal goals. I respect the faith and trust they are giving me and TriDot. I know they deserve my very best. Life is a wonderful adventure and worth enjoying, so my coaching style is fun and positive. I have high standards and expectations for my clients, but I also want this to be a blast. I always remind my clients this is a journey, not just the end result. I use the best training resources through the TriDot System and tools paired with my expertise in teaching/coaching to provide a comprehensive individualized training plan.

I focus on athletes interested in training smarter, not just harder. I firmly believe that any good coach is also a good educator. I understand the challenges of balancing your performance goals and the other responsibilities in your life. As a coach, racer and parent, I face the same obstacles everyday.

Vicki's career highlights are
 > USA Triathlon Certified Coach - Level I
> USA Triathlon Certified Race Official
> USA Cycling Certified Coach - Level III
> National Academy of Sports Medicine CPT
> 2x Ironman Finisher
> Lifetime Fitness Run Coach and Cycling Coordinator
> B.S. in Education, University of Nebraska
> M.Ed., George Mason University

Coach Vicki has been mentoring and coaching since 2009. She has worked with adults as well as youth during this time. Numerous clients have made it to the podium and many have set PR’s. She has worked with 100’s of athletes over the years competing in every distance of running, triathlon, and adventure racing. She's had success working with beginners to advanced athletes.

Her expertise as an educator and triathlon coach with TriDot’s proven training system forms a unique blend of skills to provide my clients optimal training and guidance. She is an effective communicator and can efficiently assess a client’s learning styles and their motivations. Her personal experience racing provides practical knowledge that can’t be taught in a book or in a classroom. She's also an FCA Endurance member and co-huddle leader