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Erinne Guthrie

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Miami, FL

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Im a third generation Miamian and I love training in our tropical paradise. We start before the sun, maybe an open water swim at South Beach before joining a group ride. We get the first taste of the rising sun hitting the water. A quick transition run under the palm trees before we start the day thats my way to train.

Im a coach, Im an athlete and Im a mom. Ive spent time on both sides of the race and on the business and academic side of the industry. I think that gives me a pretty unique perspective on training, on athletes and on what is possible.

My story is just as important as every single race I completed and every single individual Ive coached. Ive always been active and Ive always worked in some part of the fitness industry. But my love affair with triathlons started with a 20 year old bike I borrowed from a friend. I swam. I biked. I ran. The camaraderie, the race against yourself, the energy of the event...I was hooked.

I started competing, finished my MS in Exercise Physiology, and began my coaching career. Over the next decade, I would train 1,000 athletes from Sprint to Ironman. Professionally, I would reach the top of my racing game. By 2006, with 100 races under my belt, including Sprints, Olympics, 3 12 Ironman and 1 full Ironman, I was excited to take some time off to have my first child. Just a few months later, I embraced my new role as mom and powerhouse and gave myself the go ahead to return to racing. I was ready to get back. I pushed myself harder than ever. And then it happened.

I was training at an unsustainable level and went past the point of return. The final verdict adrenal fatigue. I knew if I kept training at this pace, I would be facing a life-long disease. I needed the right practitioners and new knowledge. I wanted a natural way to heal my body and was determined to find one. This injury that would take me out of racing for two years, in turn, ignited a journey that would have a lasting impact on my health, lifestyle, and career.

I worked as hard at recovery as I did racing. Today, I have my racing body back and Im stronger than ever before. Since my recovery, Ive become a nutrition fanatic eating creates one of the foundations of our performance.  Im a Chek Holistic Lifestyle Coach Level 3. I founded Full Circle Coaching to expand my services from race and sport coaching to optimal performance consulting, advanced nutritional counseling, and holistic lifestyle coaching for those who want to incorporate an edge to their training program.

But most importantly, I returned to racing and coaching with a refined focus: where performance meets balance. I look forward to working with you to help you reach your optimal performance with a training program that fits into your lifestyle. If you are ready to take the challenge, connect with us on Facebook and join us for a group session!