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Greg Reznich

DRiVEN Endurance Coaching

Philadelphia, PA

[email protected]

-Individualized Training Programs
    - TraniningPeaks based program
    - No set contact times
    - Each program is based on the individual and how we best communicate

Bike Fitting

Training Camps

Personal Sessions in Swim/Bike/Run

Strength Training

Video Analysis

General fitness training

Dog running! 

Penn Charter Youth and Junior Triathlon Club    

Specialize in triathlon training from sprint to Ironman. Have had 1st time athletes, Kona Finishers, and professional triathletes.

The drive to reach your dreams is what gets us out of bed in the morning. The way to meet your goals/dreams is through consistent, enjoyable training. It should be a reward to get out and train. Of course there are always days when the rain is pouring down and it is hard to motivate yourself to get out the door. But, once you’re out on the road everything melts away and you can be present in the moment.

It is my job to help motivate you to keep the level of consistency and enjoyment in your training at a high level. By completing an initial consultation, an evaluation of your strengths and weaknesses, we will work together to form goals to give you direction and purpose in your training.

Greg is an experienced coach with the credentials to back it up.  He holds a B.A. in Exercise Science, and is pursuing a M.S. in Sport Psychology. In addition to his educational background, Greg gains practical experience through competition as an elite triathlete. The racing experience teaches new lessons everyday and brings another perspective to his coaching theories as he continues his own pursuit of excellence.