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Colin Cook

Peak Triathlon Coaching

Bedford, NH

[email protected]

Personalized Training Plans
The Plan is a training plan specifically designed for YOU.  I will create a plan that fits best into your schedule and provide all the details of each workout.  The plan length will vary depending on the distance of the race you are doing and what your goals are for the race will be determined through some questionnaires and a consultation. This option is geared towards athletes that want a customized plan, but dont feel the need to have someone looking over their shoulder throughout, reviewing their workouts, or developing race strategies for their races:
-Extensive evaluation to develop the right plan for YOU
-Review of previous training, results, and determining strengths & weaknesses
-Detailed Training plan made specifically for you including:
-Detailed description of all workouts
-Tests to reassess training zones and fitness levels throughout the plan account to log workouts

Full Coaching Services
The Full Coaching option will provide you with everything you need in preparation for your race.  This includes the training plan and unlimited communication with me.   Whether you have questions about a workout, need to adjust the plan to fit in a change in your normal schedule, have a question about nutrition during training, or any other issues you may have, I will be there for you.  I will provide you with all the tools, both physically and mentally, to achieve your race goals.  Here are the details of everything included in this package:
-Extensive evaluation of lifestyle and daily habits to develop the right plan for you
-Review of previous training, results, and determining strengths & weaknesses
-Determination of realistic goals and how to achieve them
-Help planning your race schedule
-Detailed Training plan made specifically for you including:
-Detailed description of all workouts
-Tests to reassess training zones and fitness levels throughout the plan
-Strength training workout details
-Premium account to log workouts
-Unlimited communication by phone or email
-Feedback of your training and review of your workouts
-Nutrition plan assistance for workouts and races
-Adjustments to schedule whenever required
-50% off private lessons or testing procedures

Additional Services
Functional Movement Screening (FMS) - For those of you not familiar with it, a functional movement screening is a test to determine basic functional movements.  By doing an FMS screening, I will be able to help you determine any weaknesses you have in basic functional movements.  Depending on the results of the test, different exercises can be prescribed to help correct any weaknesses.  Not only will it help you function better overall, but also help prevent injury.  FMS Screeners are $50 for non PTC athletes or $25 for PTC athletes.
Private Swim Lessons -  Join me at the Y or at your pool for a private swim lesson.  I have worked with many swimmers/triathletes over the years and have tremendous success in improving their efficiency in the water.  Lessons include video recordings to assist in your development.  Lessons are $70/hr for non PTC athletes or $35/hr for PTC athletes.
Bike Test/Analysis Come to the PTC training center for a bike test and spin stroke analysis.  The test will include the actual test on my Computrainer and a determination of your heart rate and/or power training zones.  I will also have you spend some time in the spin scan mode to evaluate and assist you with improving your cycling stroke.  Bike tests/analysis sessions with training zone determinations are $100 or $50 to PTC athletes.
Run Gate Analysis Come to the PTC training for a run gate analysis.  Proper running form is critical to getting faster and more importantly, injury prevention.  A video analysis of your run form will help me to improve your run form.  Run Gate Analysis are $50 for non PTC athletes or $25 for PTC athletes.
Group Lessons I am available for group private lessons as well.  I offer lessons for swimming, biking, running, and strength group training.  Please call or email for pricing.
Have any questions or ready to setup an appointment?  Please call or email if you have any questions or want to schedule an appointment.

I specialize in Half Ironman and Ironman focused athletes.  However, I still greatly enjoy working with people of all skill levels and people focusing on the Sprint and Olympic distance. I do also have offer single sport based training plans at reduced costs as well.

I am a former hockey player turned triathlete.  As a competitor, I am currently a 6x Ironman Finisher including qualifying and racing in the Ironman World Championships in Kona, Hawaii.  My coaching credentials include:

-  USA Triathlon Certified Level 1 Coach

- USA Triathlon Certified Level 3 Race Official

-  USA Swimming Certified Coach

-  Bentley University Triathlon Coach

-  Certified FMS Screener

-  Certified Spinning Instructor

-  6x Ironman Finisher (PR 9:27:09)

-  Multiple Half Ironman Finisher (PR 4:28:27)

-  Many Triathlon Age Group Wins, Podium Finishes, and overall wins

-  Currently teach the Tri Swim class at the Nashua, NH YMCA

-   President of the NorthEast MultiSport Triathlon Club

-   Member of the Greater Nashua Y Tri Sprint Triathlon Organization Committee.