Coach Details

Heather Dall

Prairie Life Fitness

Omaha, NE

[email protected]

Housed at Prairie Life Fitness in Omaha, Nebraska, I am able to offer a full range of triathlon training from the seasoned athlete trying to PR, to someone competing in their first event.  Prairie Life is a full service gym that provides all the amenities a triathlete needs: indoor and outdoor lap pools, treadmills and indoor track, weights, yoga...For those out of state, an online program can be designed to fit your lifestyle and training needs.  Not only do I create a training plan, I include a weight training program, nutritional advice, and other informational tools to help you achieve success.  For more info regarding services and rates, please contact Heather.

At Prairie Life, myself along with a Certified Personal trainer offer a 12 week women specific sprint/olympic training program from March-May which integrates group workouts, homework, and 1:1 assessments.
I specifically work with beginner triathletes, gender specific, sprint, Olympic, X-Terra, and half Ironman distance training programs; and 5-K and 10-K specific programs.
Not only do I provide coaching and race expertise, I am also sponsored by many local and national triathlon related products and provide discounts and giveaways to my clients.

Certified Triathlon Coach-ITCA/USAT. I have been a competitive athlete since 6 years old in Northern California.  I began as a competitive swimmer and transitioned to tennis through college.  I have always had a side hobby of cycling and mountain biking.  Post college, I started competing in mountain bike races, taking home multiple medals.  5 years ago was talked into a triathlon and have never looked back.  Favorite distance is Olympic and X-Terra.  Most recent achievement was taking 2nd place at X-Terra Bolt for age group and being invited to Nationals in Ogden, Utah.  Each season includes traditional and off-road triathlons, bike races and charity events, and 10 K road and off-road races.